How can you get obsidian in Minecraft Pocket Edition on the iPad2?

Answer Try herobrine and dig near the lava or cobblestone you might have to have a capital H

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Can the full version of minecraft pocket edition play with users using the lite edition on the ios systems?

Yes they can. It is very glitchy using any multiplayer on iOS or android though, and in my experience you get kicked off numerous times due to crashing. Also, I'm pretty sure that the owner of the ... Read More »

Is there skeletons in minecraft pocket edition?

Yes, there are zombies skeletons and spiders For what i know right know

How to Get Started on Minecraft Pocket Edition?

This article will show you how to get started on Minecraft Pocket Edition. A game where you can place blocks anywhere where you can imagine. Monsters come out at night make sure to build a shelter ... Read More »

Is minecraft pocket edition compatible with iPod 2 gen?

no it isn't because iPod touch 2g runs firmware 4.2.1 for minecraft you have to have firmware 4.3 that iPod touch 2g doesn't support anymore. if its jailbroken you can get minecraft PE on a 2g :)