How can you get music from itunes library onto your ipod?

Answer First you highlight the songs that you want to download (press shift and move up or down while holding the left mouse button to highlight several items). Then you release mouse button then click an... Read More »

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How do you transfer songs from your iTunes music library onto your iPod mini?

make sure that the device is plugged in so it shows in your tool bar on the left the 'device' option. after that click on it and at the very bottom there will be a thing that says automatically fil... Read More »

How to Download Music From an iTunes Library to Your iPod?

iTunes is an iPod's gateway to all of its media because it is the only program Apple supports for its popular line of personal audio players. Downloading music to your iPod begins with your iTunes ... Read More »

How do you put iPod music on to your iTunes library from the same computer?

AnswerYou press the menu button and the middle button (play/pause button) together till There is an apple icon shows up then you start all over where you left off.( P.S the iPod will not start all ... Read More »

How to Copy Music from Your iPod to Your iTunes Library?

More often than not it's our music collection on computer are not 100% safe. In case a severe hard drive failure on your computer (so you'll lost all your CD ripped and downloaded songs), you'd bet... Read More »