How can you get lime wire on your computer?

Answer go to and download basic then what's really funny is you can actually steal the premium version for free off of limewire itself. lol.

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Sum guy that fixed my computer installled lime wire on my computer is this badam igoing to get viruses?

there is a chance you can get a virus from any site that active downloads files from the net and from other's computers. I have had limewire for years and not gotten a virus, I also have a good an... Read More »

Is lime-wire bad for your computer?

its really bad! Gives virusa better alternative is you can convert songs from Youtube into a mp3 file.

Is Lime Wire bad for your computer?

Ive had limewire for years and ive never had a problem, there is Bit torrent that you can download but that takes up so much space on your computer. Lime wire is really good at finding any song and... Read More »

Why is Lime wire bad for your computer and what one do you recommend Thanks?

Yep you can ruin your computer that way with viruses. I reccomend's safe and legal.