How can you get full custody if you cannot locate the other parent?

Answer Answer Yes.It is possible for joint custody to be awarded under such circumstances.Two of the biggest factors would be the age of the child or children and the viability of the parenting plan subm... Read More »

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How does one parent relinquish full custody of a child to the other parent?

AnswerContact the office of the clerk of the probate court in the county in which you reside for the forms and procedures for filing a voluntary relinquishment of parental rights.Most states will n... Read More »

Can the non custodial parent take full custody away from the other parent if he has demonstrated an 'on again- off again' style of parenting?

Parental custody To give a lawyer's answer...It depends. It depends on a large number of factors, the jurisdiction the court which has authority of the case, and the particulars of the "on again, ... Read More »

Can a court issue custody to a parent without the other parent knowing when the other parent is paying child support?

Answer No, both biological parents must be notified of a custody hearing. However, if the parent who the child does not reside with does not appear in court on the date of the hearing they may lose... Read More »

If one parent has full custody does that mean that the other parent gives up all rights and visitation to that child?

Answer No. Courts are very concerned that children have the opportunity to spend time with both parents. Unless there are mitigating circumstances, such as proven previous abuse. Even in this scen... Read More »