How can you get custody for your unborn child if you know that its yours?

Answer No one apart from the mother can obtain "custody" of a fetus. Custody battles must wait until the child has been born. You can file for paternity testing, although it would probably be best to wai... Read More »

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How do you get custody of a child that is not yours?

its called adoption.You do not have to adopt to get full custody of a child. You can request that the court place the children in your care without adopting.

Can your brother's ex girlfriend leave state with his 1st born child n 2nd unborn child if neither has sole custody?

Answer A mother is assumed to have custody. Your brother needs to immediately petition the court for his parental rights. Otherwise, she may leave the State and it will be difficult to get them ... Read More »

If the father of your unborn child has been making threats regarding custody and child support what rights does he have?

Sadly I'm going through this exact situation right now. I'm incredibly frustrated with the state and its law (Montana) because no one seems to care that he is such a horrible man. From what everyon... Read More »

Can you get sole custody of your unborn child if the father left the city leaving no way to contact him?

Answer Yes, it is called 'abandonment' and you have it automatically when he left you. If he returned to your life at a later time, he would have to pay back child support. The court would never al... Read More »