How can you get bugs to stop eating your basil plant?

Answer you need a spray bottle.put a TBL Spoon of murphys oil and fill the rest with water.spray any plant with it it help alot

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How to Stop Basil Bugs Naturally?

Though there are technically no bugs called basil bugs, there are plenty of bugs that feast on basil plants. Aphids, mites, cutter worms, beetles and ants are all very fond of basil plants. Since b... Read More »

Bugs are eating little circles in my plant leaves. What are they How do I get rid of them?

HelloOk so you have random hole's showing up in your leaves. If they are in the being punched out and not eaten from the edges in then its most likely slugs It's not Aphids because you would alwa... Read More »

How to stop bugs eating my strawberry plants?

Slater = Woodlouse - "Oniscus Asellus"They eat mostly dead matter, so are not likely to be eating your strawberries. Most likely it's snails or slugs. They feed at night and hide by day. Trap snail... Read More »

How do i keep bugs off basil plants?

Companion PlantingPrevent or control most basil plant pests with companion planting. Some plants naturally repel the pests to which basil is vulnerable, or they attract beneficial insects that will... Read More »