How can you get a midwife if you cant get a doctor?

Answer Answer I am not sure why you "can't" have a Physician, but if you would prefer to have a midwife attend your birth, there are many ways to find one. There are essentially 2 types of midwives. One,... Read More »

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How can a midwife become a doctor?

The only way to become a doctor is through medical school, although you may be able to get other qualifications through lesser programs.

Is this a cold Cant aford doctor?

Sounds like a cold. Aspirin, hot lemonade with honey, tea, vitamin c, chicken soup...lots of fluids. You should be OK but you need to rest if you can and all should be fine in a few days. If it ... Read More »

Cant convince my doctor my back is bad what can i do?

Your doctor could be right, it could be the way your sitting or your matress, or lack of excercise.You need to find out when your back hurts more.If its in the mornings then its your bed, you will ... Read More »

Is a receptionist allowed to tell a patient he or she cant see the doctor for a illness?

Of course she can. The doctors appointment book my be full.You haven't said permanently or for a time, or wait for an appointment