How can you get PS for your ipad2?

Answer There are no diamond picks in Minecraft PE.

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Can you hook up your iPod to your ipad2 and buy music from iTunes?

probably some how i cant see a lead on the market that will allow u to maybe by wifi

Do you need Verizon with your ipad2 or does your wifi work automatically?

probably about 500 for 16 gb, 700 for 32 gb., and 800 for 64 gb

What should you do if you forgot your password on your iPad2?

If you have forgotten your password completely then you must restore your Ipad from your most recent backup. This can be done in iTunes, but remember that EVERYHING YOU HAVE DOWNLOADED IF YOU HAVE ... Read More »

I'm selling an ipad2 is 120 a good price for an used ipad2?