How can you forgive someone who has cheated you and after taking your virgini ty?

Answer Answerit is easy to forgive and when you do that it makes you a better person but you will never forget what has been done that is how we learn it is called a mistakeLook, the same exact thing happ... Read More »

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Should you forgive your mother for taking you to live away from your psychopathic lying cheating abusive father?

Forgive Your Mother From that description it sounds like the mother was just doing her job and protecting her child. Often adolescent children consider themselves more wise than their parents and ... Read More »

How to Get a Girl if Her Ex Cheated on Her?

It is hard for girls to move on from past relationships, especially if they were cheated on. A girl like this will need special care and attention.

If your bf cheated on you would you go back out with him?

I'm guessing all you wanted was an answer from the female side when you say b/f. But I just had to put my two cents in on this question.There is an old saying that goes like this--once a cheat alwa... Read More »

Who cheated on who wants to be a millionaire?