How can you force a flower to bloom?

Answer You can encourage it by feeding it plenty of fertilizer, try Peter's or Jacks.

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Flower Bulb Bloom Time?

It is a common misconception to think that all bulb flowers bloom in the spring. Flowers that grow from bulbs appear at different times throughout the year. While many of the better-known bulb flow... Read More »

How to Bloom Perfect Flower Seeds?

Every gardener wants to have the perfect flower garden each year---and what many do not realize is that the perfect flower begins by growing the perfect flower seed. When the flower seed is given t... Read More »

How many times a year does the passion flower bloom?

Passion flowers bloom throughout the summer growing season. They need a dormant rest period during the winter to produce strong spring and winter growth. Passion flowers attract butterflies and the... Read More »

How long does the passion fruit flower bloom before closing?

Passion flowers bloom for only 12 to 24 hours before closing and forming passion fruits. Passion fruit vines are very vigorous, and can be encouraged to flower more profusely by cutting them back h... Read More »