How can you force a flower to bloom?

Answer You can encourage it by feeding it plenty of fertilizer, try Peter's or Jacks.

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Flower Bulb Bloom Time?

It is a common misconception to think that all bulb flowers bloom in the spring. Flowers that grow from bulbs appear at different times throughout the year. While many of the better-known bulb flow... Read More »

How to Bloom Perfect Flower Seeds?

Every gardener wants to have the perfect flower garden each year---and what many do not realize is that the perfect flower begins by growing the perfect flower seed. When the flower seed is given t... Read More »

Can I Force My Cactus To Bloom If So How?

I believe you can, but I'm no expert. When I look at the conditions needed for certain cacti to flower, I think the same conditions can be obtain in a control environment; such as with a (homemade)... Read More »

How many times a year does the passion flower bloom?

Passion flowers bloom throughout the summer growing season. They need a dormant rest period during the winter to produce strong spring and winter growth. Passion flowers attract butterflies and the... Read More »