How can you fix the cord to your headphones?

Answer Unless you know where there the actual cut in the wire is it is pretty hard, but normally headphones tend to cut and joint between the jack and wire. Anyway how to fix it Cut it just above or bel... Read More »

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How can you wire headphones by using the rear speaker wires in a car stereo to power headphones in a motorcycle helmet need to have a disconnect in the cord too?

How can you mkae it so that when you have headphones in your laptop that all your programs producing sound go thru your headphones instead some of them going thru your laptops speakers and headphones?

Why wont your headphones work in your laptop I plug in my headphones and only the laptop speakers play?

My sweet headphones got their jack ripped off them.How do you rewire your headphones?

You should be able to find a replacement plug at your local electronics supply store or a Radio Shack store. Most likely, it'll have to be soldered into place.