How can you fix a dishwasher leak with a copper fitting?

Answer 1st you need to know where the leak is. The only time a copper fitting or brass fitting will fix a leak is in the watersupply connection.

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Does a compression fitting have to be replaced on copper pipe to hook up a dishwasher and if so how do you get the old one off?

Answer Compression fittings unscrew. Inside you will find an 'olive' (a thin copper ring) which is compressed onto the pipe to create a seal when the outer nut is tightened up. If you wish to repla... Read More »

Is it safe to use copper and galvanized pipes on the same fitting?

Answer No, you cannot join copper and galvy directly. A brass fitting needs to be between the two to prevent electrolysis. Answer You could also use a special type of union that has a gasket bet... Read More »

How is a fitting replaced on a copper line for a refrigerator?

Depends on how it is connected flare, compression or brazed or soldered or screwed IPS or FIPS

Why would the copper plumbing in a 30-year-old house develop small leaks all within an inch or 2 of a soldered fitting?

Answer alot of times if the fittings are close together the solder takes but doesen't get full penetration. over time the pressure of the water will push through the solder joint. the best thing to... Read More »