How can you find your dad but dont know nothing about him?

Answer ask your mom i guess.. maybe she's just having a hard time to make herself tell you some informations about your dad unless it happened because of unexpected you know like one night stand.. ask y... Read More »

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If you know nothing about your biological parents how do you go about finding them?

Answer If you have a copy of your birth certificate then you go to vital statistics and ask for info from them. If you dont, you go to the hospital you were born and get a copy and go to vital sta... Read More »

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3 years ago my dad found out he had a 21 year old son we dont no his last name or any relatives or anything about him but we know his mom and his first name how can we find him?

You can find him by going to http:/ but you would have to pay like $4.00 to get his information. Or you can go to google and type in 'how to locate someone' or something. The on... Read More »