How can you find statistics on auto insurance rates for a study?

Answer Answer If the policy did not contain a "grace period" you will probably have to pay the damages out of pocket. Almost every state considers the driver of the vehicle that rear ended the other the r... Read More »

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Are auto insurance rates better if you are married?

Never. The "logic" behind that is that there are now two adults living in the same household and they're both presumed to be driving (even if one doesn't have a license or is an invalid and can't d... Read More »

How Do I Shop for the Best Rates for Auto Insurance?

Automobile insurance is an important factor in the cost of owning and maintaining a car, due in part to various state laws that require liability coverage to operate a vehicle. Most auto insurance ... Read More »

Does the kind of car i drive influence my auto insurance rates?

On One Hand: Full CoverageFull coverage covers the entire cost of the car. This is required on any car that is financed and not paid in full; however, any car can be fully insured. The type of car ... Read More »

How much do auto insurance rates increase from an accident?

After an automobile accident the automobile insurance carrier will usually raise the rates of the liability 7-10% depending on the severity of the accident.