How can you find someone in South Africa who would like to trade capsicum seeds?

Answer Answer Because your losing "volume" possibly the piping is under sized or the internal diameter was reduced by mineral deposits

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What is South Africa like?

South Africa is the last African country to be "freed" from white rule. So, it has had a shorter exposure to the general malaise of African decay, corruption, dictators and the like that plague th... Read More »

You would like to talk to people in South Afrika that has an interest in chillies and would like to swop some seedlings or seed with you?

I have used/cooked in melmac plates/bowls most of my life... in a microwave. I use and buy melmac to this day! Can you microwave in it... yes ....I do it all the time.....BUT, I have had only 5 pie... Read More »

Where can you find information on the school opened by Oprah Winfrey in South Africa?

There are many news articles written about her since it opened in 2007 but the two most prominent websites have links below.

How to Find FIFA World Cup Soccer Match Schedules for South Africa 2010?

If you're keen to watch the soccer but you're not sure where to find the matches that interest you, here is a very easy rundown for locating what you're looking for.