How can you find out what type of plant is in your garden?

Answer Dig one up and take it to your local Extension Service or a nursery, they should be able to identify it for you.

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How do you identify the type of parsley plant in your garden?

Answer The types of parsley I'm familiar with are the Italian or French parsley with its flat leaves that look a bit like celery leaves, and the 'normal' curled parsley with its dense finely cut ... Read More »

Which is growing Truly natural,a plant in the jungle or a plant in your garden?

First I would think what the definition of "natural" entails. Let's see. According to the Heritage Dictionary it is: Present in or produced by nature: a natural pearl.Of, relating to, or concerning... Read More »

What are your favorite type of plants to grow in your Garden?

I live in uk so love old fashioned cottage garden flowers they all easy to grow and look great in any garden quite a few reseed themselves so you get free plants too.In my garden i have roses, lupi... Read More »

How can i find out which type of soil is there in my garden?

The soil where I live is quite rough. I live in a small block of flats built on a WW2 bomb site, which was later used as a rag and bone yard. So there are lots of old bricks and lumps of goodness k... Read More »