How can you find out if you where adopted in Alabama?

Answer yes, because the 13 year old is not old enough to make their own decisions unless they are 18 and older in till then they must do what their parents tell them to do which must suck sometimes :( but... Read More »

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Find people who where adopted?

I noticed you were wearing a green tank top today

Where can I find a Marsh in Northern Alabama?

Since you cannot find any, order them from Lilypons Water Gardens.

Where can I find Alabama vacation sites?

The official website of the Alabama Tourism Department (see Resources) maintains a comprehensive list of vacation areas throughout Alabama. The website maintains a listing of attractions, recreatio... Read More »

Where do you find your mom if you're adopted?

There are a lot of factors involved in this. Was the adoption open, or was it sealed?Was it a foreign or domestic adoption?Was it a private adoption or through the state1. If the adoption was seale... Read More »