How can you fail a drug test without doing drugs?

Answer Well I think you will pass the drug test .Don't worry be happy.

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Can prescription drugs cause me to fail a drug test?

On One Hand: Prescription Drugs Are IdentifiableDrug testing can be used to identify nearly any drug taken by a person being tested, prescription or otherwise. Drug testing is undergone for a numbe... Read More »

What makes you fail a drug test?

Each year, millions of Americans are subjected to drug tests for reasons such as employment, health insurance coverage and entry into the military. Some people try to cover up their drug usage, whi... Read More »

Can I fail a drug test by having sex the night before?

After a spleenectomy can you fail drug test?

You won't fail a drug screen because of the procedure itself; but you could from the drugs used during and after it. It's normal after surgery to take pain medications; just keep the original conta... Read More »