How can you estimate the utility costs of common areas of an apartment complex?

Answer Unless the complex is newly built, the local utility company has a record of utility costs. If the complex is newly built, your local utility advisor may be able to help you estimate the first yea... Read More »

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What are the average utility costs for a 2 bedroom apartment in Tulsa, OK?

My Electric Company allows us to call in and ask what the utility bill was for any particular property. I called before I visited each apartment to find out what the bill is.

If common areas in a housing community are still owned by title by the developer never titled to the Home Owners Association who is responsible for the upkeep and liability of those common areas?

This is not a legal answer; your answerer is not an attorney.If the association can verify that title remains in the developer's name, the association may be able to recover costs it has expended t... Read More »

How to Estimate Remodeling Construction Costs?

In order to estimate remodeling construction costs, it is necessary to know the precise extent of the work. This can be accomplished by drawing a plan, creating a list or having the information com... Read More »

How do I estimate propane heating costs?

Collect the DataTo estimate your propane heating costs, start by collecting the following information: Propane cost per gallon, the energy rating of the propane you will use (usually about 110), yo... Read More »