How can you disown your sister I am 15 and my sister is 17 and we live together and we just dont consider ouselves siblings how can i legally go about disowning her at my present age?

Answer Just because your sister and you may have different personalities and they are clashing is no reason to completely lose tough with each other. It appears because your sister is two years older than... Read More »

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In a group of siblings there are 7 sister each sister has 1 brother how many siblings are there in total?

8 siblings all together as each sister has 1 common brother.

Can you legally disown siblings?

Answer Well, you'd have to go around the world to ask that one, but actually, you can't. Unless someone tells you, "Congratulations! You are allowed to legally disown your sibling!!!" That would b... Read More »

If you are 19 or 20 yrs old live by yourself and your 15 yr old sister is being physically abused by your father Is it legally possible for you to get custody of her?

First you should ask for help it is both legally and nothing to be ashamed of, there several degrees of responsibility you can have i don't know where are you from and your options with welfare but... Read More »

Can you have legal rights to disown sister?

There is no legally actioniable way to "disown" someone. 'Disown' means to diisavow, or repudiate, someone, or some thing. You may "dis-inherit" someone (e.g.: as from a will) but you cannot disown... Read More »