How can you diagnose a small refrigerator compressor?

Answer You probably will need to put a valve on that compressor unless it has a port already. Then you hook up your guages and check the pressure. Do you know if the compressor is running or not?

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How to Diagnose a Bad AC Compressor?

It doesn't take a lot of time or experience to diagnose a failed or damaged compressor. You can both see and smell signs of damage to the compressor. You will know you have a problem when you get h... Read More »

What are the refrigerator brands in India that use Hitachi compressor other than Hitachi refrigerator itself as of today?

Earlier Alwyn refrigerators used to sport Hitachi compressors.

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Is a refrigerator compressor supposed to be hot?

Refrigerator compressors pressurize gas, raising its temperature. When the compressor runs, the coils feel hot because of this hot, pressurized, liquefied refrigerant. The refrigerant evaporates in... Read More »