How can you delete posts on the iPhone facebook app?

Answer Put your finger on the comment and swipe to the left

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How to delete posts from facebook?

you have to go to the web sight or app in fb that is posting and go to its privileges and tell it that it can not post on your wall

How to Delete Multiple Posts in Facebook?

Social media tool Facebook affords it users multiple means of staying connected one another. "Posts," for example -- whether made to a specific user's "Wall" or the collective "News Feed" -- allow ... Read More »

Why won't iPod touch let you delete your own Facebook posts?

You have to put your finger over the post which you would like to be deleted and slide it to the right. A "DELETE" button will then appear, so you can remove your post.Hope this helps. :)

If i delete my facebook will my posts and comments disapear too ?

Yes they will but that would be taking out about 80% of your social life!:D