How can you deal with an extremely annoying 8 year old sister?

Answer Force her to stop, pray, or you can do this. You be more annoying than she is, then when she wants you to stop, you say this," I will only stop if you stop being annoying." That usually works most ... Read More »

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How can I deal with your 10 year old sister she is so annoying?

Most teens often find their younger siblings annoying and it's normal to feel this way. However, remember that your 10 year old sister looks up to you so perhaps pay a little attention to her and p... Read More »

How can you deal with your annoying 8 year old sister?

go to a quiet place in your house or ask you parent if you can go out with your friends on the weekend to hang out and go bowlling or to a restaurant

How to Deal With an Annoying Sister?

So you feel like your sister knows everything. She can boss you around without getting in trouble because your parents never believe you, or never witness it. She makes all those comments and threa... Read More »

How to Deal With a Big Annoying Sister (for Teenagers)?

Everyone finds big sisters annoying, they over exaggerate a weakness, Want you to be annoyed and they never admit they're wrong! Here is how to deal with them..