How can you cure swelling problems from a bee sting?

Answer mix baking soda with a little of water to make it that funky mixture where if you touch it it turns to a solid but if you leave it be it will become a liquid. Put that on there. It helps.

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How to get rid of swelling from bee sting?

Your bee sting must be acidic. Try putting an Alkali like toothpaste on it as it will neutralise the sting and stop the swelling.RegardsHamza.R

Wasp sting swelling how do u get it away?

Get charcoal tablets or powdered charcoal and make a paste with it, apply it on the sting and put a band aid/plaster over the charcoal.

Wasp sting delayed onset swelling?

Duration of swelling after yellowjacket sting?

As much as a week, depending on your body's reaction to it. Cold compresses, alcohol swabs, may help as well.