How can you cure panic disorder?

Answer According to the American Psychological Association, panic disorder is a serious ailment that may affect approximately one out of 75 individuals. A panic attack causes an immediate rush of overwhel... Read More »

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How do I cure panic disorder?

With a lot of people feeling stressed with the state of the economy, freaking out about their children and being safe, and having so many other stresses, it is not unnatural for them to begin devel... Read More »

When did panic disorder become a diagnosis?

Panic disorder officially became a diagnosis in 1980, with the development of set criteria for diagnosing mental illnesses in the American Psychiatric Society's Diagnosis and Statistical Manual (DS... Read More »

How to Recognize Panic Disorder?

Panic disorder is a condition in which recurring panic attacks are experienced. Those who suffer from it live in constant fear of experiencing panic attacks. Panic disorder and panic attacks are se... Read More »

How do I overcome panic disorder?

Many people who experience a tremendous amount of stress might feel anxiety from time to time, especially when a big project is due. However, some people who cannot handle this increased stress beg... Read More »