How to get rid of the smell of weed?

Answer Quit smoking it. It's illegal in most states. Try spraying yourself with something which smells better.

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Getting rid of weed smell?

Try some strong odor sprays..or spray like AXE all over your room..or even easier..don't smoke.

What can you mix together and get the smell of weed?

Ok, first of all, your the stupid one because you want to pretend to be high and get some fake weed smell. To answer your question how you intended just smell like skunk.My answer however is very d... Read More »

How to not smell like weed?

if you dont smoke your eyes wont get red unless its from irritation but thats normal, as far as smell lmao dude just spray a little something and airdry for like a minute, you'll be fine. It's over... Read More »

Best way to eat weed with no smell?

My suggestion is to not eat, smoke nor posess it. This way you don't have to worry about getting caught.