How can you cover up scars?

Answer Long sleeved t-shirts or if they are fully healed and stuff then makeup like foundation :)

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How to cover scars on arm?

first of all good for you for recovering :) if you go to the dermatologist he can prescribe you a case of Mederma (which actually may be over the counter now.. not quite sure) but that should get r... Read More »

How to Cover up Scars?

A scar on your body can be embarrassing. It can make a person feel less self-confident and shy away from normal social situations. To avoid undue embarrassment and give yourself more confidence, he... Read More »

How to Cover Up Acne and Scars?

When you have an acne break-out or scars left behind due to one, it takes a little extra attention to effectively cover up the area with makeup. Concealer, foundation and a translucent powder are ... Read More »

How to Cover Acne Scars?

If you suffer from acne and fail to pursue proper treatment, you may develop scarring. You can resolve this unsightly condition in a variety of ways. You can use natural home remedies, or you can a... Read More »