How can you close those annoying pop up youtube ads?

Answer Yes, I know exactly what you mean. I think its annoying as well. YouTube partners enable the advertisements when they want to make money. Unfortunately, you cannot get rid of it. You just have to w... Read More »

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Annoying when a close friend gets a ton of likes on Facebook?

Are you modeling your own life after "Fred's" life? If not, then just be your own person and don't worry about how many friends "Fred" has or how many likes he has on facebook. This really isn't no... Read More »

Quick Survey: Who finds annoying?

They leave links there because so people know that the video is removed. Say like they remove the video. When you come back later around in lmy life, you'll say,"Hmmm... whaat was the video that us... Read More »

Aint it annoying when Youtube deletes your account?

Ah that's never happened to me before, but if it did that would definitely suck.Edit- Wow that would suck ? Even if you took songs you shouldn't have (Even though you didn't know it was bad) They s... Read More »

What is with that ANNOYING 009 Sound System song on YouTube?

009 soundsystem - Dreamscape...thats the one i've heard the most...I like it!