How can you buy pets on virtual families for ipod?

Answer You go to the store and It should say varied items and you can buy a turtle (I have one) a cat or a dog and they each cost $500 NOTE: You can only have one pet at a time! Hope this helps :)

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How do you have twins on Virtual Families for iPod touch?

Having twins is like chance- you don't know what you'll get. When kids go off to college, they're gone until a parent dies. Then you can start a new generation and bring a kid back home to start a ... Read More »

How do you master a career on virtual families for the iPod touch?

you have to keep making your little people work on their career. sometimes certain books are available in the store to help with career advancements. make sure you buy the right one suitable for th... Read More »

How to Unlock the Shed on Virtual Families iPod Touch?

If you play the iPod Touch version of Virtual Families, you will notice that there is a shed, that is locked. It's a good idea to unlock the shed because when you have a fire, or leak, or just want... Read More »

How do you have triplets on virtual families ipod touch?

Having twins or triplets is just a chance... I have had sixteen generations and have never had twins or triplets... You can up yourchance by using the baby boost... Hope this helped Good luck!!