How do you break your arm easily!?

Answer Im not saying do it but its really easy :S Mines broke now just for falling overIt doesnt even hurtit didnt hurt at the timejump as high as u can and then turn around and u get dizzy and fallBUT DO... Read More »

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How to break your ankle easily and at home?

The answers above are some of the easiest ways, but I don't recommend it. Trust me, broken bones are NOT fun. :(

How to break your finger REALLY easily?

Obviously there is more too this story than is being asked.You really want to break it!! You REALLY want that!!?? Go to a doctor and ask him to break it for you. I'm sure they will do it for the ... Read More »

How do you break your ankle easily and fast?

Your stupid and for everyone else who answered that wanted to break theres is stupid also grow up and stop being a child. Seems like you all want attention from other people. Have fun screaming and... Read More »

How to break your pointer finger easily?

get some need nose pliers and clamp it tightly then swiftly bend your finger at a ninety degree angle and viola you've done it.