How can you be half brother to your maternal grandmother?

Answer The only way you can be half-brother to your maternal grandmother is if you are the son of one of her parents with a different spouse. given the likely relative ages this is so unlikely as to be al... Read More »

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Is your wife's half sister's husband your brother in law or your half brother in law?

Sister or half-sister, it does not matter. The husband of your wife's sister is not related to you. Your brother-in-law is your spouse's brother or your sister's husband.

Who is your maternal uncle's only brother in law?

What does maternal great-grandmother mean?

Your maternal great-grandmother is either of your mother's two grandmothers. Your father's would be called paternal.

If a biological father is suitable to get custody of his child what are the odds of the maternal grandmother winning?

There's no way to estimate this as there are various means, such as false allegations, to stop a father. You must prepare, keep a daily journal, and find the right attorney. see the links below for... Read More »