How can you backup photographs while travelling?

Answer The best way would be to carry extra CD's with you or a USB HDD and when your memory card is full stop at the nearest Internet cafe and write a CD and load onto a HDD also keep these separate from ... Read More »

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How to Meditate While Travelling?

A traveller doesn't need to give up on meditation. In fact, being able to meditate as you travel can ease the little frustrations that occur with delays, queues, and unexpected obstacles that are a... Read More »

Can jet lag make you tired while travelling?

Jet lag occurs when you fly over three or more time zones. As your body cycle adjusts to the new time zone, you may experience fatigue and difficulty sleeping, which can be minimized by eating heal... Read More »

How to Reduce Phone Bills While Travelling?

Every cell phone user who uses a post paid service knows approximately how much of a phone bill he or she receives every month. When a user decides to take a phone along with on a tour abroad the u... Read More »

How do I keep the bugs away while I am travelling?

Before you travel, ensure there is no food left out, and clean out your refrigerator. Also, you could use commercial-grade pesticide before you leave around the outlying walls of the apartment bui... Read More »