How can you adopt your seventeen year old nephew from Mexico?

Answer Bring him to the United States and fill out the proper paperwork to legally adopt him, but first make him a legal citizen.

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Can you adopt your 20-year-old nephew?

Answer Your nephew is no longer a minor and quite capable of looking after himself. He's considered an adult now so the normal adoption process that would be used for a minor doesn't apply here. Ho... Read More »

Can a US citizen adopt a seventeen year old who is in the country legally?

I know for a fact that in Florida you can not undo the adoption or terminate your parental rights, unless someone else is willing to adopt the child. I told an attorney what my wife had told me, pr... Read More »

In Texas can a seventeen year old approve an adult to adopt them?

This is called an open adoption. It allows the biological parents to select the adoptive parents and to be involved in their child's life after the adoption.The level of openness is agreed on befor... Read More »

Can an aunt adopt a 13-year-old nephew whose mother was an illegal immigrant and was sent back?

Answer Yes, they can. Anyone can adopt a child if they have no place to live and are currently enrolled in a school.Is the child a US citizen? If not,regular INS procedures will have to be followed... Read More »