How can you access slacker radio on your cell phone?

Answer Slacker radio is an online-based radio service that provides dozens of radio stations you can stream online free of charge, with occasional commercials. You can also create your own stations, "like... Read More »

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How can I play internet radio (Slacker, etc.), from my cell to my home stereo system My stereo has a USB port?

You user the headphone jack from the phone attached to aux in on the stereo either RCA in or Mini 3.5 jack in; you also need the appropriate cord in order to do this.....

Can you tune your cell phone to two-way radio channels?

You cannot tune a standard cell phone to receive or broadcast on two-way radio channels. Cell phones operate on frequencies between 800 MHz and 2100 MHz. Two-way radio frequencies vary by country, ... Read More »

How to Access Your Web Cam From Your Cell Phone?

Find a software application that will broadcast your webcam feed to the Internet. A few that you might consider using are HomeCamera, EyeSpyFx and Digi-Watcher. The first two programs are free and ... Read More »

Can I download slacker radio?