How can we stop people from eating?

Answer To each their own... you don't want to eat meat and that's your choice but you will never be able to stop people from eating meat... the most you can hope for is that the animals are treated well ... Read More »

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How can we stop people from eating meat?

stop forcing your views onto Einstein once saidI like to learn but I hate to be taughtsome people like eating meat. and if that's what they like don't interfere with people's views.Peta ... Read More »

Do you think this will stop people from eating meat?

Aw, so you must be the one referred to as Ashley the Annoying... Glad to meat you!Won't stop me. Wake up, that fake vege crap does not taste as good as meat and you just admitted it. hmm, ...ani... Read More »

Will people ever stop eating animals?

I hope to God we all stop. Maybe when the human race is finally sick of getting heart disease, diabetes, osteoporosis, cancer, Alzheimer's, then we'll finally FINALLY see the connection... "Oh wait... Read More »

How to Stop Feeling Nervous About Eating Around Other People?

Is anybody watching?Feeling nervous about eating around people is common among men, women, and children. Social notions tell us that it is not nice to be seen eating in public, mostly for fear that... Read More »