I have to have surgery, and they are giving me Diprivan / Propofol. What that make me feel like I am sleeping?

Answer You may drift in and out. When I have propofol I go in and out but it's kind of like taking a cozy nap, then waking up a bit and having the lovely feeling that I can go right back to sleep instead ... Read More »

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How to Prank Someone While They're Sleeping and Not Wake Him/Her Up?

Trying to prank your annoying sibling? Want to prank a best friend just for good laughs? Are you bored and at the end at your rope with your old pranks? Well, you've come to the right place! This a... Read More »

If someone is poked on Facebook and they have no friends, do they make a sound?

Yeah, they do. It is very similar to the sound that the tree did when it fell and no one was around. Actually it's the same. So yeah, but why would a tree fall if it's alone? Hmm.

Can you wake someone up when they took a sleeping pill?

Yes, it may be harder than normal though. Sleeping Pills make them sleep faster and getting a deeper REM. They don't knock people out cold.

How to Have Fun While Sleeping Naked?

A little information on how to make being naked just that much more fun.Both in pairs and alone. And no, this will not involve sex or personal pleasure in any way. Nobody is going to make fun of yo... Read More »