How can we make a tooth paste man for a fancy dress competition?

Answer You could use a lot of cotton wool stuck on thermocole. The cotton wool should be glued so that it gives the flowing effect of toothpaste.I suggested thermocole because you can then just slip the t... Read More »

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How to Make a Kid's Fancy Dress Competition Costume?

A fancy dress could be used in a general costume competition or in the stiff competition of the beauty pageant world. Whichever competition you are preparing for, the details and accessories of the... Read More »

I want to make my child Jawaharlal Nehru for his fancy dress competition but i am not able to prepare speech?

Go to the link below for Nehru's speech on Indian independence. Lots of good quotations there for you.

My 3 yr old son has to dress up like a bus for a fancy dress competition in his playschool any ides plz?

Okay so if I were going to do it I would use cardboard box's and paint and cut them to look like a bus. But I have the coolest website for you that I use all the time for halloween and costume para... Read More »

Hi iam sending my 3yrs son for fancy dress competition.somebody plz give me an innovative idea?

cut out the bottom of a wash tub and attach suspenders to itthen make him wear all pink and put the washtub onhe should wear a shower cap and hold a sponge and a rubber duckthen blow up small white... Read More »