How can we kill zebra mussels?

Answer Zebra mussels are harmful freshwater mollusks in lakes and rivers that eat the phytoplankton needed by animals at the bottom of the food chain. European ships probably accidentally brought this pes... Read More »

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What do zebra mussels normally eat?

Zebra mussels primarily eat algae they filter from the surrounding water. When they live in pipes, zebra mussels clog the pipe as they grow and reproduce. When they live in a large body of water, t... Read More »

Where do zebra mussels come from?

Zebra mussels are originally native to Eastern Europe. In 1988 they were discovered in the Great Salt Lakes. Since then, they have existed as a major pest, disrupting the ecosystem in the Great Lak... Read More »

What is the scientific name for zebra mussels?

The scientific name for zebra mussels is "Dreissena polymorpha." These small freshwater mollusks come from western Asia and Eastern Europe. The U.S. Geological Survey claims that this invasive spec... Read More »

What harm do zebra mussels cause?

According to the Gulf of Maine Aquarium, zebra mussels are harmful pests. They eat the algae and phytoplankton that other animals need to survive. They clog water lines by attaching themselves to t... Read More »