How can we explain the growing numbers of Vegetarians around the world?

Answer I'm amazed too. It's like a revolution of some sort.We have been living the life of gluttony (in N. America especially). Such gluttony is not sustainable. We get sicker and sicker. Resources st... Read More »

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If humans are supposed to be vegetarians---explain me?

Here is a newsletter that has a good explanation about gut dysbiosis:…You apparently have a severe case of it. You could correct it, but it would take at ... Read More »

Could you explain why is my Second & Third Molar not growing?

are they through the skin? or missing?ask a dentist to examine and explain

Explain the Numbers on a Personal Check?

Personal checks contain various sequences of numbers. When conducting business such as making purchases and paying bills online or setting up direct withdraws and deposits, it is important to under... Read More »

Please explain the planting and growing procedure for forget me not flowers?

Buy a start for them at a garden center. Plant in a sunny spot, well drained soil. Water them 2-3 times a week for the first two weeks, then once a week after that this summer. They will thrive,... Read More »