How can we deal with bias on Wikipedia?

Answer Citing university lectures is a longstanding academic practice. Most of our manuscripts of Aristotle's philosophy are transcribed from lecture notes.If you disagree with the facts claimed, cite a p... Read More »

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What is the deal with the heavy amount of Harley Davidson Bias on here?

Maybe because Harleys are designed and made in America, and some people are prejudiced against the many bikes made in Asia or Europe.

How does wikipedia deal with vandalisim?

They have an automated program which will check new posts, and if it is not sure then an employee will manually check it. If something is reported they also recheck it.

What is the deal between China and Wikipedia?

Yes. China don't like freedom of information unless it's positive information about them.Google also comply with the Chinese governments wishes on the suppresion of information.If you're old enough... Read More »

What is the deal with having to log into twitter to get onto wikipedia's website!!?

Your browser is not working properly (a virus, maybe?) or you are using the wrong address to access Wikipedia.Please use , and… ... Read More »