How can we clean the fingerprint on the monitor LCD?

Answer baby wipe and a soft clean duster. works every time for me.

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How to Clean Up Fingerprint Dusting Powder?

If you've been the victim of a crime, you'll have enough to worry about without having to clean up after the police have gone. Although some forces employ professional crime scene cleaners, often t... Read More »

How do i clean fingerprint dust from hardwood floors?

Sweep the area with a stiff broom to collect all of the excess, loose fingerprint powder. Collect the excess powder in a dustpan and dispose of it. Clean the bristles of the broom to prevent tracki... Read More »

Why time Attendance fingerprint scanners can't take some employees fingerprint?

I got a fingerprint on my camera lens. How do I clean the lens?

There is lens paper, eye glasses wipes and in a real emergency a new dollar bill. However, hold the lens put a nickle on it and look through it; you notice you don't see it. Don't worry too much... Read More »