How can we check the purity of a substance?

Answer Three primary ways are used to check the purity of a substance: measuring the melting point of the substance, measuring the boiling point of the substance and using chromatography. Knowledge of the... Read More »

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What is the meaning of purity of substance?

The term "purity of substance" is used in chemistry and pharmaceutical sciences to describe the molecular make-up of a liquid, solid or gas. Calculating the purity of a substance is vital for accur... Read More »

How to check the purity of honey?

i read in a text book that drop honey in one string in water if it gets dissolved its impure and original honey never dissolves in water and has no expiry date :)

How to check the purity of milk understand that traders mix some harmful chemicals?

A small instrument called LACTO METER is used to check whether the milk contains water or not.The meter is actually a specific gravity hydrometer which is calibrated with pure milk based on its spe... Read More »

If prenatal exposure to a substance leads to birth defects the substance is called a?