Our organization would like to bring clean water into kinshasa democratic republic of the congo. We will attend Living Waters for the World and learn how to install a system to bring clean water?

Answer I think research shows that if we develop the Congo KINSHASA, hole African will get confort and help from this amazing country where you may find anything needed for the good its people and whole w... Read More »

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How can we ever expect peace in a world?

Just because I am a meat eater does not mean I am an aggressive person. I would love for world peace to happen, but how is that supposed to happen when people discriminate against others because of... Read More »

How to Search Peace in World?

Is the goal of The US foreign policy world peace?

I don't normally answer Cold War questions but in order for anyone to answer your question we would need to know the options to let you know which one is correct. You can resubmit your question wit... Read More »

How does the foreign policy goal of World Peace benefit the US?