How can we best teach our kids to be streetwise and safe when they’re online?

Answer i don't think that sharing information about themselves would make them 'cool' - sharing an address or whatever doesn't give you kudos i wouldn't have thought.parents need to ensure that they know ... Read More »

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Online Activities to Teach Kids About Puppetry?

Puppets are fun, entertaining and something that almost anyone can make and use to perform. There are a number of online activities designed to provide creative ideas and information about puppetry... Read More »

How will you teach your kids to handle harassment (whether it be online, in real life, in the work place, etc)?

One thing I will stress to them is that you can walk away. Walk away in person and walk away online. You can give someone the power to harass you and you can take it away. If the bully spends a lot... Read More »

The Best Ways to Teach Kids Spanish?

Children have the ability to pick up new languages much more easily than adults. No matter what you are teaching kids, the best way to do it is by making it fun. Teaching a child Spanish, or any ot... Read More »

How to Teach Children How to Stay Safe When Home Alone?

Parents who are considering leaving their children home alone should weigh factors like maturity, demonstrated responsible behavior and emergency preparedness. They must actively engage in conversa... Read More »