How can we all protect ourselves against spyware and malware?

Answer 1. USE a good anitvirus protection system with Antispyware and malwareKaspersky or ESET Nod32 (both are the best in market)2. Dont Visit site for cracks and porn, they are the best places to get yo... Read More »

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What is the different between Malware and spyware?

Malware, a portmanteau word from the words malicious and software, is software designed to infiltrate or damage a computer system without the owner's informed consent. The expression is a general t... Read More »

Does AVG detect spyware& malware?

AVG scans for and protects against spyware and malware programs such as the Trojan Horse virus. AVG even includes technology that allows it to determine malware and spyware that are not necessaril... Read More »

How do i remove malware, spyware&viruses?

Many programs can infect your computer. Spyware gathers information about you, which it can then sell to online companies or use for its own marketing--often through pop-ups. Malware and viruses at... Read More »

Can Malware/Spyware Control Your Web browser?

Yes, it can. There's something called a "Man in the Middle" or "Man in the Browser" kind of malware which is basically a malicious keylogger and interceptor.