How can upload my photo in wikipedia?

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How to upload a photo to wikipedia?

You have to be logged in and have more than a few edits under your belt. Then it's a simple matter of clicking the "upload file" link and following the steps in the screens. But of course it's alwa... Read More »

How to upload a photo with a already written article in wikipedia?

I assume you have an account and that it is at least 4 days old and you have made at least 10 edits. If not, register an account and make a few edits. Only users with established accounts can uploa... Read More »

How can i upload photo's from a photo album onto the interweb?

I have no idea how to answer your question... I just want to say you have the best pic and user name. house is the best and my hat goes off to you.

How to Upload Photo Effects?

Adding visual appeal to a photograph through special effects once required sending the image out to a professional lab that could retouch the image. Nowadays, you can upload dazzling photo effects ... Read More »