How can u tell ples help?

Answer He posts a sexuality question in the computer section.

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Help im 15 coming 16 this october and im pretty sure im pregnant but how do you tell your parents plus im scared that they'll throw me out and what their reaction will be to it help?

OK first of all take a test so you know if you are pregnant or not. And yes they will probably get angry if you are but that doesn't mean they will throw you out. They are obligated by law to care ... Read More »

HELP ! Please tell me why...........................…?

For the same reason I have to change my panties whenever I see a 1967 Challenger. Especially if I can hear a Hemi under the hood!

Need Help!! Can anyone tell me...?

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HELP!!! Tell me what to expect please ?

It shouldn't hurt, but take a advil before going. It's wierd because there's no pain but you still feel the pressure. The faster he pulls it out the less it will hurt.