How can u delete everything you have downloaded/visited on the comptuer?

Answer The only way to get "everything" is to do a reformat of the hard drive. This scrubs it back to zero and you have to reinstall everything including your operating system (most likely Windows). If yo... Read More »

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Sync your iPhone with data to a new comptuer?

No. Yes.No, you can't upgrade it to be an iPhone 3gs because they are physically different. That is, the actual hardware is different.Yes, you can in that you can in that you can upgrade to the new... Read More »


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Will cutting power to my speakers while they are on damage them (or my comptuer).?

You can do this but do make sure the spk volume is at it lowest before turn the power on/off. The surge protector is usually useful for to protect the instrument from external surge as well as inte... Read More »

When you delete the web browser's history on the HTC Droid Incredible can you delete one item at a time or can you only delete all of them at once?