How can u clean your keyboard when something sticky was spilled on it?

Answer use light soap and water. BUT DON"T USE TOO MUCH WATER. oh and scrub really hard!

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My son spilled his lemonade on my keyboard, how can I take the "sticky" out?

You can pop off each key individually and give it a scrubbing. More likely the lemonade seeped down and got below the keys as well, so they would also need a cleaning. Or you can bit the bullet a... Read More »

How do I clean spilled cake on a laptop keyboard?

Turn off the laptop and make sure it's unplugged. Lift up the open laptop and turn it over to loosen any cake that's stuck to the keyboard and throw it away. To remove sticky cake and icing, dampen... Read More »

What is the best way to clean a sticky keyboard?

lol...videos? that wasn't a video sweetheart....

My keyboard is all sticky and messy, what can I do to clean it up?

Ever tried mittens ? "M"ittens, not "K"ittens (no pun intended)