How can the non-custodial parent get immediate custody of child from other state?

Answer Answer You do not say how or if the child was removed from the home of the other parent, is children and families involved, or is there direct evidence of abuse? Expound your answer and write back.

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What can a custodial parent do when the non-custodial parent moves out of state to prevent them from getting custody?

Here's some help..Custody for children is normally based on "what's best" for the child. Although money can often decide it, technically finances have nothing to do with it. If the child has roots ... Read More »

If custodial parent moves out of state and leaves child with noncustodial parent does the noncustodial parent automatically gain custody?

No, but the non-custodial parent has a pretty good case for getting custody in court.

Does the court ever change a ruling from joint custody to full custody for the custodial parent if the non-custodial parent gives up his visitation?

Answer Because it's almost always in a child's best interest to have a relationship with both parents, courts are generally reluctant to take away visitation rights. In some states, custody order... Read More »

Can a Florida custodial parent receive child support from the non custodial parent even if the custodial parent owes child support for the same children from a previous case?

That's up to the judge, but generally is only applicable when a father gets custody while owing, as only 7 out of 1000 mothers pay support to custodial fathers.